We encourage every versatile gun dog to be NAVHDA tested, as the test tells you where your dog’s abilities are at and serves as the foundation for improving our versatile breeds.  The tests are qualitative evaluations to proven performance standards in simulated hunting conditions.  We welcome any/all NAVHDA members to join us in the tests that we host.  We are sure you will have a pleasant experience.

Natural Ability (NA) testing evaluates the dog’s natural abilities before 16 months of age.  Which gives you a vision of what your versatile gun dog can be tomorrow.

Preparatory (UPT) testing provides an intermediate test which evaluates the dog’s progression towards a finished utility gun dog.

Utility (UT) testing evaluates a dog’s finished hunting skills and abilities.  At the time of the test, it tells you how good your dog is at hunting, pointing and retrieving game.

Invitational testing, the flag ship of NAVHDA, calls for a supreme versatile performance to become recognized as a Versatile Champion. See NAVHDA.ORG for info on this test.

For more information about NAVHDA testing, CLICK HERE

There are links at the bottom of this page to podcasts with NAVHDA judges describing and explaining the Chapter level tests.



JUNE 11-12 [WAIT LIST ONLY 3/1/22]

JULY 8, 9-10  [WAIT LIST ONLY 2/23/22]

AUGUST 20-21 [WAIT LIST ONLY 3/1/22]



All dogs entered in NAVHDA tests must be registered with NAVHDA.  All owners and handlers must be current members of NAVHDA.  Forms and information can be found at

Dogs are eligible for Natural Ability testing up to and including the day they reach 16 months of age.  Dogs over 16 months of age may be run for evaluation only if space is available.  No prize classification can be awarded to a dog run for evaluation.

There is no age requirement for Utility or Utility Prep testing.


Test Entry Procedure:

  1.  Download a current test entry form from the NAVHDA website.  Test Entry Form
  2.  Save the form to your computer.
  3.  Complete (fill out) the form and save it to your computer.
  4.  Email the completed form to
  5.  If a test spot is available, you will receive a return email with a payment link for the appropriate test entry fee.  You will have 72 hours to pay the entry fee in order to secure a position in the test.
  6.  Upon confirmation of your eligibility and payment, a confirmation email with test details will be sent to you.

Cancelation and Refund Policy:

Test entry fees will be refunded for medical reasons only.

  100% of the test entry fee will be refunded if a request is submitted, in writing by email, to the Test Director accompanied by a verifying letter from a physician or veterinarian stating that the dog or handler should not participate in a test for medical reasons.  Under no other circumstances will refunds be provided for cancelation.


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Natural Ability – $150 USD Members/$175 Non-KM members
Utility Prep – $165 USD Members/$190 Non-KM members
Utility – $165 USD Members/$190 Non-KM members


Please note that some field work testing is held at the Kettle Moraine State Forest Dog Training area that we call “COUNTY U” and water work (Duck Search) is held at a dog training water area that we call “DUNDEE”. See map below for locations.

Link for Map to Arrow Lane – Chapter Grounds

Link to “Dundee” dog training area map

Link to County U dog training area map

Link to Ron Boehme’s Hunting Dog Podcast with Phil Swain – NAVHDA’s NA Test with Phil Swain

Link to Ron Boehme’s Hunting Dog Podcast with Phil Swain – NAVHDA’s Utility Test

Link to Ron Boehme’s Hunting Dog Podacst with Blaine Carter – NAVHDA’s Utility Test w/Blaine Carter